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UC Recap – January 30th – February 4th

January 30th – February 4th

James Baldwin wielded his words like swords. With minimal adornment, James Baldwin spoke truth to power as well and as forcefully as anyone ever. Part Malcolm X, part Langston Hughes, part Nina Simone; James Baldwin was an unflinching critic of America’s treatment of Black People. James Baldwin seems to have even more resonance now in the beginning days of the Trump Tyranny. In theaters as of February 3, I Am Not Your Negro is required viewing for those looking for clarity and a defiant and dignified way forward in these dark and troubled days.

Shout out to Peter Cooper for his superb video Q&A for Salon with Black Panther, professor and filmmaker Jamal Joseph. Joseph’s film Chapter & Verse is also in theaters as of February 3, at MIST Harlem. The film was conceived as a love letter to Harlem. Nicolas Niarchos of the New Yorker came Uptown to take in the San Francisco street fare at Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash.

Jim Dwyer of the NY Times reported on the rash of mailbox robberies in the neighborhood lately. This is quite troubling and will probably spread. Langston Hughes legacy is alive and well in Harlem. Renée Watson penned a poignant piece in Bio on how her love of the Harlem giant led her to start a successful movement to preserve his Harlem brownstone.

Ladies and gents, do you want to impress your significant other? This Valentine’s Day, do something completely left field. How’s this for next level romantic? You’ve heard of dinner and a movie right? Well, how about an intimate dinner on the iconic stage of the United Palace followed by love songs performed live by Nick Myers and the New York Theatre Organ Society as well as classic romance film, When Harry Met Sally. Hit Up our site for the details and secure your spot ASAP. You can thank us later.

Make sure you catch this week’s episode of the Latinos Out Loud podcast. Juan Bago and Rachel La Loca speak to Ziwe Fumudoh and Gabe Gonzalez. Check out one of the installments of the Black History Month In Brief series by local novelist and my good friend, A.J. Sidransky.


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