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April 30 – May 5

April 30 – May 5


We started the week with an interesting story, via NYConvergence.com, on how the Metropolitan Museum of Art has teamed with IBM to preserve the priceless artwork at the Cloisters museum in Fort Tryon Park. Sensors have been strategically placed around the museum, which monitor the climate to ensure the artwork is properly conserved.


From what we hear, the dynamic duo of Juan Bago and O are preparing a barrage of viral awesomeness that will be unleashed very soon. With that said, we decided to take a gander at some behind the scenes footage of what’s on deck. This week also another post by our wellness contributor and my wife, Eileen Z. Fuentes, on conquering fear. Be forewarned, you will see some really cute pictures of our kids.


The good folks at the NY Daily News put together a nifty insider’s guide to Inwood that includes such awesome local faves as Piper’s Kilt, Indian Road Café and our beloved Inwood Hill Park among a host of other attractions. What gives this guide some real heft is that Michael Kirby, whose family has lived in the neighborhood for three generations, provides his insights into the community.


Being that the KidFit in the Heights fair is took place on Saturday, May 5th we thought it would be cool to take a look back at last year’s event featuring the awesome photography of Briana E. Heard. I was walking in my absolute favorite spot Uptown, Inwood Hill Park recently, when I came across one of Young Jee’s latest natural art installations. Young Jee is an older gentleman who frequents the park and creates these amazing art installations in the woods of Inwood Hill Park.


For this week’s Throwback Thursday post, I chose one of my fave posts, Daily Grind: Jason Minter & the Indian Road Café. The post features some absolutely captivating pictures of the place courtesy of Paul Lomax. By the way, Indian Road Café was named one of the 50 best spring bars by Time Out NY in 2011. As I am sure you are aware of, the long awaited movie The Avengers is now in theaters. In my estimation, it is the best Marvel movie yet. Check out my full review of the film on the site.


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