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How we capture the marketplace

Corporate Advertising

There are several reasons why the award-winning Manhattan Times is the advertiser’s most effective print and online tool for capturing the Northern Manhattan marketplace.

1. Provide the best local coverage to create the most loyal readers

The Manhattan Times has earned readers’ loyalty by being the most reliable source of news and information about this fast growing, dynamic community. Ever since our first issue on Feb. 28, 2000 we have reported on every aspect of Washington Heights and Inwood: politics, business, sports, dining, schools, religious institutions, crime, the arts. This 10-year presence in the community has allowed us to build strong relationships with the residents, businesses, and institutions that call Northern Manhattan home.

2. Have the widest distribution in Northern Manhattan

On Wednesdays when the Manhattan Times is distributed, it has more readers in the Washington Heights and Inwood Zip Codes than The Daily News, New York Post, and El Diario combined. The 15,500 circulation of the Manhattan Times north of W. 113th Street is greater than any other single newspaper. Nobody beats us in our backyard. We distribute in high traffic businesses, medical centers, religious institutions, and residential buildings and in close to 100 street boxes. The Manhattan Times also has over 1,500 subscribers in Manhattan who receive the paper for free in the mail every week, making it a strong vehicle for delivering information into our readers’ homes.

3. Give the readers (and advertisers) what they want

Every issue of the Manhattan Times has sections devoted to Community News, Art, Uptown Dining and Real Estate. These sections are driven by readers’ interests and supported by local advertisers. We believe in educating our readers about what’s happening in these industries. An educated reader is a more loyal customer. These sections have allowed us to offer special advertising packages to our advertisers, including promotions such as our award-winning dining guide.

4. Publish a bilingual newspaper to reach multiple demographics

One of Northern Manhattan’s defining characteristics is its diverse population. According to the 2000 Census, about 65 percent of the 200,000 people counted in the Manhattan Times coverage area are Hispanic, the majority from the Dominican Republic. The Manhattan Times reflects these demographics by publishing in both English and Spanish. When possible, we publish articles in both languages side by side, allowing us to literally get all our readers on the same page.

5. Build a Web site to help build community

The Manhattan Times, which has had a Web site for several years, upgraded the functionality of its site in early 2009, offering a host of cutting edge features besides access to the content of our printed edition. The daily news updates and additional online content provide locals a central location to learn what’s happening uptown, whether it is locating a new business or learning about an upcoming event. As of January 2011, the Web site was receiving 25,000 page views a month. We also maintain an active presence on Twitter and Facebook. We expect our Web site to continue becoming a greater hub of online activity. We can help you leverage the strengths of the Manhattan Times to connect your business to the Northern Manhattan marketplace. Call or email us today to learn how we can help you design a solution to best promote your message.

The Manhattan Times works with national agencies to help corporate advertisers reach Northern Manhattan’s niche markets.

For rates please 212-569-5800 or email



Local Advertising

The Manhattan Times has a strong relationship with the local business community and offers special advertising packages for Northern Manhattan businesses in our Uptown Dining and Real Estate sections. Call 212-569-5800 for more information.

Help Wanted

We publish help wanted ads on our Classifieds page, creating a one-stop destination for anyone hoping to find a job or do business in Northern Manhattan.

Legal Notices

The Manhattan Times is registered with the Appellate Division of New York State qualifying it to publish legal and public notices. For more information email or call 212-569-5800.

Ad Design

The Manhattan Times has an in-house staff to help you craft the message and look of your ad.

Online Advertising

The Manhattan Times Web site provides the largest online platform for reaching the Northern Manhattan community. Banner ads are available on most pages of the Web site, and can target specific content sections.

Event Sponsorship

We assist many of our community partners in producing annual events that attract thousands of attendees, both locals and visitors to the community. Call 212-569-5800 to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.


Specifications Deadlines

(new as of October 2009)

The Manhattan Times has a tabloid format. Standard display ad sizes are: Full page: 10in wide by 11.25 in. tall Half page (horizontal): 10 in. wide by 5.5 in. Half page (vertical): 4.875 in. wide by 11.25 in. tall Quarter page: 4.875 in. wide by 5.5 in. tall Eighth page: 4.875 in. wide by 2.625 in. tall

(new as of October 2009)

Published and distributed Wednesdays, 52 times a year. Ad space reservations are due Wednesday a week before publication; closing for all ads is Friday by noon.

We can publish from camera-ready copy, but electronic files are preferred.There are no additional charges for standard ad make-up, including typesetting.

Files are accepted by email at

While we accept files in many formats (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS) PDF is preferred.

Resolution should be set at 150 dpi minimum for B&W, 200 dpi for color (CMYK).

For PDFs, always include: fonts, placed images, and logos.

The Manhattan Times uses the following programs for the Macintosh computer: Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign CS2, Illustrator CS2, PhotoShop CS2, Acrobat 7.0).[/toggle]

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