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UC Recap – December 28 – January 2

December 28 – January 2


We have an update on the new artist that is using the truly majestic Inwood Hill Park as their canvas. On New Year’s Day I received an email from a reader, Chris Whitney, who was inspired by my article and went for a trek through our very own urban oasis looking for art. Well, it seems that our unknown artist is at it again. Please go to the site to see the great pictures provided by Chris. This is starting to get exciting.


Susan Delson of the The Wall Street Journal wrote a great piece on the Audubon Mural Project, which is using art to raise awareness on the impact of climate change. I had a chance recently to talk to Elliot Avi Gitler, the owner of the Gitler &_____ gallery (3629 Broadway). Mr. Gitler was instrumental in brining the mural project to life. Make sure you stop by the gallery and show them some love. Steve Cuozzo of the NY Post wrote an eye-opening primer on the monumental changes coming to the historic 125th Street. It seems we have crossed the Rubicon.


Say it ain’t so. Fox News Latino broke the horrible news that Uptown institution, Margot’s Restaurant, will be closing its doors after almost 3 decades in the same location. More than a restaurant, for so many folks in this neighborhood Margot’s represented a home away from home. There are only a few establishments left that can make that claim. It is really starting to feel like the end of an era. The Uptown that I grew up in and made me who I am is on its way out.


The Alving Estate is an immersive, site-sympathetic theatrical experience adapted from Ibsen’s Ghosts & set in the 1950’s – where audiences are free to choose their own narrative. Starting January 21st, you can become an integral part of the next-generation theater experience at the venerable Morris-Jumel Mansion (Roger Morris Park, 65 Jumel Terrace). Please check out the trailer for the production but be warned – it is really scary. Get your tickets as soon as possible.


What is New Year’s Eve without a house party? The good folks at 8JTV provide a handy guide for surviving an Uptown house party.


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