UC Recap – May 1 – May 6

 May 1 – May 6

This past week saw you-know-who and his GOP lawmakers celebrating the passing of the Republican-backed health care bill in the House. This tax cut for the rich disguised as a health care bill will wreak utter destruction on this community, especially those battling with cancer and other grave illnesses. Not only do they have the burden of a chronic, potentially life-threatening disease, they also struggle with being priced out of their neighborhood due to gentrification and accessing the already limited resources as a result of it. Our wellness contributor and my better half, Eileen Z. Fuentes, penned a must-read Op-Ed that appeared in the NY Daily News about the potential catastrophe that this bill poses for millions of people across this great country.

File this under “Adorable.” By now you may have seen the absolutely delightful video of the twin toddlers who were driving their toy car down St. Nicholas Avenue and had a heartwarming encounter with 2 police officers. Hit up the site to watch the video of this really nice interaction between local kids and the police.

Ashley Southall of the NY Times reported on the new body camera pilot program that was rolled out in Washington Heights recently. Gregg McQueen broke the news that the city is backing a request by some elected officials to expand the scope of a proposed Inwood rezoning. In theory, contextual rezoning for Inwood “requires the creation of affordable housing while also preserving neighborhood jobs and the distinct character of Inwood.”

Alexis Clements of Hyperallergic penned a superb piece on the public sculpture series curated by the Studio Museum in Harlem. The Sixth Annual Food & Drink Boulevard shindig is going down this coming Wednesday, May 10. With your free wristband you get a plethora of sweet deals at a whole host of participating restaurants. Hit us up for the details.

In the latest episode of the Latinos Out Loud podcast, the gang talks about dog modeling, the Met Gala, Cinco de Mayo and their special guest is the one and only Sasha Merci. The word on the street is that you NEED to see the latest production from the Up Theater Company, Lost Not Found. Get your tickets ASAP! You have until May 19.


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