Enroll in the 2012- 2013 District 6 Parent Leadership Training Program

Enroll in the 2012- 2013 District 6 Parent Leadership Training Program

By Josh Karan

Parent Leader, District 6

For the third year the District 6 Parent Leadership Training Program will be working to help build strong Parent Associations at Northern Manhattan schools, so that families in our community can obtain all that wealthy communities provide to enable their students to succeed.

Fewer than 1/3 of our students are performing at grade level in English, and fewer than half in math. Yet, NYC school budgets continue to be cut, class sizes are larger than they have been for a decade, the curriculum overemphasizes preparation for high stake standardized tests.  Our community has lost most afterschool programs, and many school aides.  We do no have sufficient full day preschool program.

All of these are the result of decisions made by New York City, New York State, and Federal government elected officials who have authorized huge payments to millionaires, banks, and oil companies while starving our schools.

Parents can influence these policy decisions, but only if they are organized to make their voices heard.

The Parent Leadership Training Program helps parents to understand what makes a good school, how wealthier communities provide what is lacking in New York City public schools, and how NYC parents have organized to obtain for their children what these other communities receive.

The program consists of a series of school based workshops throughout the year, which will provide the knowledge District 6 parent need to join with parents from across the city to advocate for polices and programs that will help our students succeed. All workshops are simultaneously translated into Spanish & English.

Last year workshops were conducted at:

PS 4, PS 132, PS 189, PS 210, and PS 314

These schools are welcome to again participate in the program so that we can build upon what was begun last year.

Schools that have not previously participated are also welcome to join the program.

Have your Parents Association President contact me, or if your PA is presently too weak, have a group of at least 5 parents contact me, so that we can talk about bringing the program to your school.

Together we can build a parent movement in District 6 / Northern Manhattan to create educational excellence for all students.

This year is especially important, as a new Mayor will be chosen in November 2013.  Parents need to be involved in helping to shape the education agendas of the candidates, or these agendas will be shaped by those who are not concerned with the fate of the majority of NYC students.

The District 6 Parent Leadership Program is funding by the offices of Council members Robert Jackson and Ydanis Rodriguez, and has previously received financial support from the Citizens Committee for New York City.

For more information, please send an e-mail message to Josh Karan at joshkaran2@mac.com or call him at 917-923-2584.

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