UC Recap – August 10th – August 15th

August 10 – August 15 

Uptown Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Defund the Police not the Post Office

Before there was even a thought of such a thing as the United States, there was a Post Office. In fact, founding father, Benjamin Franklin was the joint postmaster general for the British colonies until 1774 when he was dismissed from his post because of his pro-independence proclivities. On July 26, 1775, almost a full year before the United States proclaimed its independence, the Second Continental Congress appointed Ben Franklin the first Postmaster General of what would become known as the United States Postal Service.

That is how far back this thing goes. The Post Office is in many ways a foundational aspect of a functioning democracy. It connected the country and help to cohere and cement our fledging system of government. The Post Office has since its inception held a special place in the American Experiment. That was until Tyrant Trump came to power. The Orange Menace has now set his sights and his immense power as the President of the United States on hobbling this important American institution.

What we see transpiring before our eyes is textbook authoritarianism. Said Tyrant appoints a lackey to destroy the organization from the top. Lackey institutes a proverbial purge of top officials as well as instituting measures that dull the effectiveness of the Post Office. Postal delays, only days away from this existential election, have become part of our new reality. Why, you may ask, is the President doing his darndest to obliterate this crucial American resource?

Well, the Tyrant has realized that unless he steals another election, this will be the end of his unjust usurpation of America’s highest office. Trump may be an imbecile, but he can certainly sense that the end is near, and he may wind up in a jail cell like his former buddy Jeffrey Epstein. Being that we are still in the throes of this pandemic due to the fecklessness of Trump, the Post Office was perfectly positioned to play a crucial role in the most important election ever.

We stand on the precipice. We must remember that this is not normal. That this great country cannot withstand another term of Tyrant Trump. The only way we can end our long national nightmare is with a Blue Tsunami this November. Let’s commit to do everything in our power to make that Blue Tsunami a reality or all will be lost not just the Post Office.


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