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Wind and water: Hurricane Sandy hits

Wind and water: Hurricane Sandy hits

Photos by QPHOTONYC, Sherry Mazzocchi, and James Kushner

Water surged through Inwood Hill Park. </br><i>Photo: QPHOTONYC</i>
Water surged through Inwood Hill Park. Photo: QPHOTONYC

It was one of the largest storms recorded in New York State history, a devastating mass of wind and water this past Mon., Oct. 29th that wrought extensive flooding and massive power outages that brought the city to a halt.

More than eight million people remained without power late into Tuesday evening; schools remain closed and mass transit services were suspended and only slowly returning to a semblance of normalcy.

Throughout northern Manhattan, as was the case throughout the city, Hurricane Sandy, dubbed “Frankenstorm” brought down trees directly onto homes and cars, disrupted power and flooded homes.

A small bright spot came in the form of flashes of red and blue, as deliveries flew fast and furious from Domino’s Pizza on Broadway, one of the few restaurants that had been able to remain open late through Monday night.

These are some of the images from throughout “El Alto,” just a handful of the more that can be found on www.manhattantimesnews.com.

For those who wish to lend a hand in the volunteer efforts, the Mayor’s Office asks that an email be sent to nycservice@cityhall.nyc.gov with your name and borough.

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