United Hospital Fund provides Isabella Geriatric Center $75,000 grant

This past Mon., July 2nd, the United Hospital Fund announced six grants totaling $317,000 to improve health care services in New York City.

The Isabella Geriatric Center, together with the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, was awarded a $75,000 grant intended to improve staff communication and collaborative problem-solving skills at Isabella Geriatric Center’s nursing home and community-based programs, embedding the innovative Coaching Approach in Isabella’s organizational culture.

These strategic grants are a part of the Fund’s program to support the development of model projects, sponsor research to analyze systemic problems, and foster innovative solutions. Beneficiaries of the Fund’s grants include not-for-profit and public hospitals, nursing homes, and health care, academic, and public interest organizations.

Among the initiatives funded through the six grants are programs aimed at preventing avoidable hospital readmissions, improving staff communication and teamwork surrounding eldercare services, and facilitating provider use of electronic health records to make referrals to community organizations that offer health self-management programs.

“With our focus on innovation, the United Hospital Fund is pleased to support these projects that all seek to deliver care in new ways to improve the experience and outcomes of patients,” said James R. Tallon, Jr., president of the United Hospital Fund. “Grassroots projects like these are what are transforming health care in our country at an unprecedented pace, and we are pleased to help facilitate such change.”

This second-year grant will allow PHI and Isabella Geriatric Center to build upon the work they began under an initial Fund grant awarded in June 2011. With this grant, PHI, a leader in training and organizational development for eldercare and disability services, will continue to facilitate Isabella’s adoption of the PHI Coaching Approach, through leadership training for senior and executive staff, training front-line staff in communication and teamwork, and assisting Isabella in developing structural supports for coaching, including revisions to policies and procedures.

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