UC Recap – September 28th – October 3rd

September 28 – October 3


Uptown Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Plot Twist – #TrumpHasCovid

Did not see that coming. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense that the biggest source of Covid-19 misinformation, who eschews masks as unmanly and prefers snake oil to science and has been traveling the country campaigning like the pandemic was behind us, has contracted the coronavirus.

I also did not expect to be so elated to find out that the tyrant had been inflicted by the very malady that he in his negligence had inflicted on us. If I am being honest, the day the news broke was the best day I have had since we went into quarantine back in March. I felt lighter, effervescent even, almost wanting to jump and click my heels the way you see people do in car commercials.

True to form, instead of being chastened by the experience, the tyrant quickly pivoted to campaign mode and took a reckless joyride while still at Walter Reed, blithely compromising the health of the Secret Service team who are there to protect the president. But who protects them from the president? He claimed that he did it for the folks (I mean fools) that congregated outside the hospital to wish him well. But that is just another lie. He did it because he is nothing without their adoration. It is his oxygen, pun intended. Like I have said before, he is a BPON (Bottomless Pit of Need).

In true third world dictator fashion, he made a big show of his return to the White House, but all was not well. In the close up, you could see him gasping for air like a fish out of water. The Emperor not only has no clothes, he also has Covid.

Congressman Ro Khanna’s tweet put the whole sordid affair in its proper perspective. “There are now more recorded cases of COVID-19 in the White House than in New Zealand, Taiwan, and Vietnam combined, and they have 124 million people. Let that sink in.”

But schadenfreude aside, the fact that the White House is a coronavirus hotspot is an ominous sign that we ignore at our peril. We will not defeat the virus until we defeat the tyrant. The two are inextricably linked. The tyrant must go, or all is lost.

Pa’lante, Siempre Pa’lante!

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