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UC Recap – September 26th – October 1st


September 26th – October 1st

Spread Love Its The Uptown Way is more than a motto, but it is our modus operandi. For the last six years that has been the driving force behind this site. I like to say we don’t cover the hood, we are the hood. Please check out the excellent piece about Washington Heights and how it is changing by aspiring journalists Erin Hudson, Kirsten Watson and Mirella Brussani from the Columbia School of Journalism. I, alongside Raquel Cepeda, Robert W. Snyder, and many others are featured in the interactive article. Please check it out and as always share with abandon and Uptown Love.

Since it first opened its doors on October of 2015, the Sugar Hill Childrens Museum of Art & Storytelling has been a welcoming oasis for the arts for people of all ages. More than a just a museum for children, the Sugar Hill Museum has become an artistic, social and cultural magnet for the entire family. From their priceless collection of art housed in the museum to their interactive art workshops, the Sugar Hill Museum of Art & Storytelling has already made a tremendous contribution to our deeply under-served community. We sat down with their director, Sandra Garcia-Betancourt, to talk about the museum and its importance to our community and our children.

Hometown super hero Lin-Manuel Miranda continues to amaze and astound. He recently chopped it up with Gordon Cox of Variety on life after Hamilton. Speaking of Lin-Manuel, he will be hosting a fundraiser kickoff event at the venerable United Palace on October 16th. Get your tickets ASAP! The news broke recently that Lin donated a whopping $100K to the effort of making the United Palace a world-class theater.

Say it ain’t so. Piper’s Kilt is no longer a thing. Take a look back at that beloved establishment with our hilarious piece by Sara Martinez. By the way, Lin-Manuel Miranda makes a cameo in the story.

It’s official; the Elizabeth Dee Gallery is now part of the Uptown arts landscape. Robin Pogrebin of the NY Times comes Uptown to talk to gallerist, Elizabeth Dee. A Tenants Rights Forum is taking place at the George Washington Educational Campus on October 15th. Get involved!

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