UC Recap –  September 18 – September 23

 September 18 – September 23

It has been just over a month since Amanda Morales-Guerra sought sanctuary in a church right here in Washington Heights. Edwin Martínez of El Diario/La Prensa penned a must-read piece on the quiet desperation that the single mother of three is enduring. Her story perfectly illustrates the viciousness of Trump’s war on immigrants. With her stay denied by the government, what will happen next is anyone’s guess. We must remain vigilant! An online crowd-funding campaign has been launched to help pay the legal fees for Amanda Morales-Guerra. Please donate what you can.

Patrick Farrell of the NY Times solved the mystery of the beautiful and ever-changing stone art installation just south of the George Washington Bridge. The striking sculptures have been popping up all over social media. Take a trip to Fort Washington Park and take a look for yourself.

Matthew Schneier of the NY Times gave us the low down on the unlikely collaboration between Harlem legend Dapper Dan and Gucci. In the late 1980’s, Dapper Dan became a Hip-Hop fashion icon by creating his own couture inspired by such fashion giants as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. His popular designs were all the rage with the Hip-Hop artists of the era. That was until the fashion giants caught wind of the machinations and put a stop to this. That is where it might have ended if not for Gucci’s recent release that was almost a carbon copy of a creation from Dapper Dan from the 1980’s. The ensuing uproar online led to an improbable partnership between the 2 former rivals.

Deanna Hirsch of The Uptowner reported on the first LGBTQ haven to open in Washington Heights. The center is located at the Holyrood Church on 179th Street and Fort Washington Avenue, which has become a refuge for so many. New York State Sen. Marisol Alcántara helped allocate $100,000 from the state budget for the much-needed facility. Our end of summer sale is almost over. Use the Discount Code SUMMERBLUES for FREE shipping and a little something something.

In the latest episode of the Latinos Out Loud podcast, the crew speaks about eyelash extensions, airing your dirty laundry on social media and smoking scorpions. The special guest this week is Joanna Hausmann.


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