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UC Recap – November 7th – November 12th

November 7th – November 12th

Brace yourself America, we are headed for turbulent times. We have entered the abyss. We are in unchartered territory. Turmoil awaits us. The future looks downright bleak. The son of a former Klansmen is the President of this country and the leader of the free world. We now have a misogynist, racist and dangerous demagogue as the Decider-in-Chief. The world will follow suit. Expect that planet earth will become an even meaner, lesser and exponentially more brutal place. If you somehow believe that a bigoted billionaire with a penchant for creative destruction is the answer to what ails us then you are sadly mistaken. Time will prove you dead wrong. While our much-vaunted free press has left a lot to be desired, and is one of the main reasons we are in this situation in the first place, it will soon become an even more obedient lapdog to the state and his highness Donald J. Trump. Prepare for plenty of propaganda to be coming down the pipeline. This will be Orwell’s 1984 made real.

Do you know what a chopped cheese is? Well, Eli Rosenberg of the NY Times penned an excellent piece on the humble origins of the sandwich. The article delves not just into the beginnings of the culinary creation but also the controversy that erupted once it was “discovered” by someone from outside the neighborhood it came from. If you have not tried one for yourself then head down to El Barrio to Harlem Taste to taste the original.

Tariro Mzezewa of the NY Times took us to Harlem Cycle for fitness classes that speak to the soul. More than just fitness, Harlem Cycle is about incorporating the very essence of Harlem into their classes.

Hip-Hop giant Fat Joe just opened a high-end sneaker store in the Heights. It turns out that Basketball God, Michael Jordan himself, had a hand in green lighting the store and providing it with exclusive footwear that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Gerald Flores of Sole Collector gives us the backstory.

The Fix pick of the week is Where Im From, which features a whole host of Dyckman emcees. Hit up the site to check it out.


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