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UC Recap- November 30 – December 5

UC Recap – November 30 – December 5

By Led Black

November 30 – December 5

For the latest installment of En Tu Esquina Con Ford we had to hit up Mamajuana because of their role as a pioneer in the new Uptown dining scene. Truth be told, Mamajuana changed the Uptown restaurant landscape forever. Before there was such a thing as the Dyckman Strip, there was Mamajuana. This place was foundational and instrumental in that and is still the anchor of that diverse culinary hub that is the Dyckman Strip. Elizabeth Ortiz stopped by and talked to Chef Segundo Morocho and co-owner Raymond Hernandez about what keeps the crowds coming back for more.

Do you know who James David Manning is? He is the Harlem Hate Pastor who recently met with Donald Trump. Miles E. Johnson of Mother Jones debriefs us on one of Uptown’s most colorful curmudgeons. This guy hates gays, Barack Obama, Starbucks and Black people for that matter but he officially endorses Donald Trump. Go figure. Hate attracts hate. Please go to our site and watch the videos we put together of the man in action and prepare yourself to be blown away.

Liz Robbins of the NY Times wrote a must-read article on the renewed focus of immigrant advocates on citizenship and voting. It seems that the vitriol of the right in this country is waking Latinos up and getting them to register to vote. If we can manage to wake the sleeping giant that is the Latino vote then we can vanquish Trump and his caustic and corrosive cohorts. The future of our democracy hangs in the balance.

Dating a Latina isn’t easy. Believe me, I married one. The good folks at 8JTV provide a handy dandy Latina dating guide. Karen Rodriguez once again proves why they call her The Siren with her latest Spanglish cover of Adeles Hello. The American Idol alum has been making waves with her beautiful voice and sheer talent. Please check it out, enjoy and share.

You have 2 more Saturdays to partake in The Bread And Yoga Om Grown Holiday Market. Stop by Bread And Yoga (5000 Broadway – Suite A) on Saturday, December 12th and 19th from 2:30 to 7 pm to spread a little Uptown Love!

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