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UC Recap: November 19 – November 24

UC Recap: November 19 – November 24

By Led Black

We started the week with the sweet news that Uptown’s own Carrot Top Pastries was voted #1 for Carrot Cake in all of New York City by the NY Daily News. The Uptown Hip-Hop movement is really beginning to make some noise. For all the Hip-Hop fans out there, we posted an awesome freestyle session featuring GTO, Tellie Floydd, Ty Hayez, Eckz, Kid Glory and Guason among many others Uptown artists. Most of these emcees will be at the WHIN By Any Means showcase at Empire Fashion Boutique (4795 Broadway) on Friday, December 7th.

In addition, we posted my recap of the No Ala Reforma Protest that took place on Saturday, November 17th in front of the Dominican consulate in Times Square. The pro-democracy movement in the Dominican Republic is causing reverberations on the island as well as in the Diaspora. We also ran additional pictures of the protest courtesy of the very talented Erika Morillo. This is just the beginning of what I have dubbed the Dominican Spring; stay tuned for much more on this emerging phenomenon.

We also featured a touching poem by Frank Medina dedicated to the son of a former girlfriend. My favorite post of the week was by John Paul Infante on the top 3 reasons people should donate to Word Up Books. There is less than a month left to Word Up Books’ indiegogo campaign, so please make sure you donate before it is too late.

This week also saw a super awesome piece by Travis Broome about the joys of Café Bustelo. Not only does Travis wax eloquent on the elixir but he gives you a brief history of the company as well. Our Uptown Eats selection for the week was the always-incredible Indian Road Café (218th and Indian Road). From the service, to the food, to the Beer menu, this place is top-notch.

Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez returned to our pages with a post on the need to support local and small businesses after all the destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy. The Uptown Collective is having our annual holiday bash at La Marina (248 Dyckman Street) on Monday, December 17th at 7 pm. See you there and remember the motto, “Spread Love it’s the Uptown Way!”

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