UC Recap – May 30th – June 4th

May 30th – June 4th


Michael Henry Adams wrote a must-read Op-Ed in the NY Times with the provocative title “The End of Black Harlem.” While many of us who were born and raised Uptown understand that neighborhoods, especially in New York City, change over time, what is happening now feels different. The very people who made Uptown a viable and vibrant place to live are being priced out and the forces of giant and global capital are rushing in. What is happening in Harlem is happening throughout the city and the country for that matter. This does not bode well for the masses of working people in this country.

Tatiana Siegel of the Hollywood Reporter gave us the great news that the In The Heights film is back on track. Hilary Howard of the NY Times filled us in on how Daveed Diggs of Hamilton spends his Sundays. As the annual summer exodus to the Caribbean is about to begin, the Zika virus is becoming a concern for Uptown residents. Emma G. Fitzsimmons of the NY Times reported on how that travel might reverberate Uptown.

When Ligaya Mishan speaks, people listen. Her latest missive takes us to B & K French Cuisine, which is dishing out some innovative French food in Harlem. Please take a gander at the poignant photo essay by Adi Talwar of City Limits entitled “Inwood Hard at Work, Set to Change.”

Irka Mateo sings and writes Mestizo Music, songs inspired by the Taino/Afro/European folk traditions of her native Dominican Republic, the Caribbean and Latin America. And she will be doing her thing on Monday, June 12th at the venerable United Palace. Entry is free but RSVP is an absolute must. The Flux Public Art Project in the majestic Marcus Garvey Park was a sight to behold. In case you missed this next generation art installation, Shit up the site to check out some of my pictures.

Have you purchased your tickets for the Peoples Theatre Project annual benefit at the United Palace on June 21st yet? What are you waiting for? If we don’t support art for the people, who will? Click below and get your tickets ASAP! Trust me on this one – you don’t want to miss the 2nd Annual Harlem Whiskey Festival on July 12th & 13th. This is going to be a 2-day, next-level Whiskey experience.


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