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UC Recap – May 22 – May 27

 May 22 – May 27

By the time you read this, there is a good chance that the 15th Annual Uptown Arts Stroll has already began. This year’s honorees are Washington Heights native and award winning actor Elvis Nolasco, the Executive Director of Harlem Stage and Aaron Davis Hall Patricia Cruz, the Chair of Community Board 12’s Parks and Cultural Affairs Committee Elizabeth Lorris Ritter, and uptown artist, dancer and entrepreneur Maggie Hernández-Knight.

By the way, please check out our engrossing video Q&A with the man of the hour, Elvis Nolasco. Elvis is not only a star but also one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Kalief Browder did not die in vain. The only reason we are even talking about possibly closing Rykers Island is because the injustice that was inflicted on Kalief there. Our Uptown Tweet of the Week goes to Council Member Ritchie Torres for his efforts in renaming East 181Street and Prospect Avenue after Kalief Browder.

Taryn Finley of the Huffington Post reported on the continuing battle over the ridiculous renaming by some of a part of Harlem to SoHa. Selin Thomas of the Village Voice wrote a poignant piece on Harlem through the prism of the work of the late great Ralph Ellison.

The Artists Unite Poster Project, developed in cooperation with the MTA, will present three events showcasing uptown artists whose work has appeared in local subway elevators since 2009. The events are free and open to the public and will include an exhibit of their work, an artists’ talk, and a video of the history of the project. Don’t forget to support the Go Fund Me campaign of local artist Andrea Arroyo, Unnatural Election Art Project. Art truly can change the world and boy, do we need that right now!

Have you ever been to The New Leaf Restaurant and Bar? Nestled inside the majestic Fort Tryon Park, New Leaf is one of Uptown’s best-kept secrets. Our Instagram Uptown post comes to us courtesy of David Gonzalez of the NY Times.

By the way, the artwork is by my cousin Kron. He is the owner of Liquid Skin Studio (165 Sherman Ave); check them out for all your tattooing needs. Tell them the Uptown Collective sent you.


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