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UC Recap –  March 5 – March 10

 March 5 – March 10

OK, folks, trust us on this one. There is nothing like Harlem Eat Up. Just imagine all your favorite food and spirits in one place. Simply stated, this is foodie heaven in Harlem. So hit up and sign up for updates to make sure you are in attendance for this one-of-a-kind celebration of food, culture and spirit. The festival takes place from May 14 to 20. Shout out once again to Marcus Samuelsson for spearheading this crucial endeavor. Seriously, we had a blast last year enjoying all that the Harlem Eat Up festival had to offer. Stay tuned for more.

This past Tuesday March 6, the city unveiled the details for the redevelopment of the Inwood Library. The plan is to convert the current library “into a 14-story building featuring 175 affordable apartments, a new public library, a community center and a Pre-K facility.” The project, named The Eliza in honor of Eliza Hamilton, has caused an all-out uproar Uptown on both sides of the divide. If you missed the excellent piece in the Manhattan Times by Sherry Mazzocchi on the latest in the redevelopment of the Inwood library make sure you give it a gander.

A 2nd place Mega Millions ticket, worth a cool $1,000,000, was purchased at the Last Stop Convenience store (4973 Broadway) on March 2. So far the prize remains unclaimed. If you bought a Mega Millions ticket there that Friday you may just be a winner.

Have you ever heard of pre-emptive cheating? No, check out to see how the men in my barbershop define it. But I warn you; the barbershop is not for the faint of heart.

The Inwood Film Festival kicks off next week. Get your tickets ASAP. Need I say more?

The hilarity continues on the latest episode of the Latinos Out Loud podcast. The crew chops it up about trips to the Dominican Republic, the rapper Bad Bunny, the Bermuda Triangle and burger flipping robots. The special guest this week is, drumroll please, Pulitzer Prize winning author and Dominican superhero, Junot Díaz. By the way, get your tickets to see Junot at the United Palace on April 13. Lastly, we featured the latest from the homie, Cristion D’or, Energy.


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