UC Recap – March 18 – March 23

 March 18 – March 23

We are here and have been here in New York City for quite some time. The forces of gentrification, capital and power are doing their best to erase every vestige of the Latinx experience in New York City. Uptown’s own Djali Brown-Cepeda has created a must-see visual archive dedicated to the old school Latinx NYC experience to set the record straight. Scrolling through the Nuevayorkinos feed will transport you to the old Nueva York that is rapidly vanishing before our eyes. The IG account has only been around for a little more than a month but it is growing in popularity, followers and influence exponentially. Do yourself a favor and get familiar.


The latest production from the Up Theater Company, St. Peter’s Foot, is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. It is for those, however, who love great theater. The play is not afraid to go there and confronts such sacred cows as religion, abortion and infidelity. Mike Tully and Roma Ricci are a childless married couple who are forced to confront their past, their prejudices and their choices when they find a baby at their doorstep. Kudos goes to Laura Fois and Doc Dougherty for such powerful performances. With that said, get your tickets ASAP as April 6 is the last day to see the play.


Those Sarah Jessica Parker sightings Uptown were not alternative facts. Sarah Jessica Parker was Uptown recently shooting the third season of HBO’s Divorce. She filmed in the 207th area as well as in the lower Heights. In a video that we reposted on our social media, she shows love to the neighborhood and gives a big shout out to El Lina restaurant (500 W. 207th St). I have to give it to her because El Lina is my absolute favorite Dominican restaurant Uptown. In a neighborhood that is essentially the unofficial 3rd capital city of the Dominican Republic and boasts many fine Dominican restaurants, El Lina stands alone at the top of the heap. They just got a new look but still don’t accept credit cards so make sure you bring some cash. Everything on the menu is outstanding but my favorite dish is the baked shrimp. Check them out pronto. You can thank us later.


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