UC Recap – June 5 – June 10

 June 5 – June 10

The good folks at Statement Arts are having their annual crowd-funding campaign for their College Prep program. Please give what you can to help deserving local kids of limited means get into college. I can personally attest to the wonderful work that Statement Arts does in this community. All three of my daughters have attended summer programs provided by Statement Arts. In fact, my oldest daughter was recently accepted to the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Statement Arts played a big part in that wonderful achievement. Please spread that Uptown Love and donate!

The man, the legend, the outlaw, Barry Michael Cooper wrote an excellent piece in the NY Times on Hip-Hop haute couture pioneer, Dapper Dan. Back in the 80’s, Dapper Dan made street-ready clothes inspired by such luxury powerhouses as Gucci, Fendi and Louis Vuitton among many others. Every rapper worth his mic wore Dapper Dan designs. That was until said brands caught wind of his machinations and sued him out of existence. Well, things have now come full circle. Gucci recently released a jacket inspired by the larger than life vision of Dapper Dan.

Jeff Reuben of Untapped Cities put together a nifty guide of the 20 must-visit places in Inwood. Our favorite community bookstore, Word Up Books, is having a birthday party on Saturday, June 17. This is a bash for the entire family. It is going to be lit. Get it? It’s a bookstore therefore it will be lit. Anyway, don’t miss it!

Stav Ziv of Newsweek reported that the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame Museum would be coming home to Harlem soon. Gregg McQueen of the Manhattan Times gave us the welcome news that CUNY is launching a Dominican Studies master’s program. Have you ever wondered who was behind those super awesome murals of birds that are everywhere Uptown? Megan Thompson of PBS Newshour reported on the joint project between The Audubon Society and Gitler &_____ Gallery. Shout out to local gallerist Avi Gitler for that awe-inspiring endeavor.

Film Works Alfresco anyone? Don’t forget about the twelve free screenings that will occur consecutively every Monday evening at dusk at Gaelic Field in Inwood Hill Park from now through August 21st.


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