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UC Recap –  June 26 – July 1

 June 26 – July 1

This might sound crazy, but this Independence Day could be the most important one in our nation’s history. A would-be tyrant has usurped the Oval Office and American democracy is in serious jeopardy. If we do not organize, agitate and coalesce we will not be able to withstand the onslaught that is at hand. That is not hyperbole, as I write this, you-know-who and his GOP minions are busy trying to take away healthcare from millions of people just to give tax cuts to the affluent. If the radical right has its way, people will die. It is that simple. Not to mention, the curtailing of voting rights to further cement their ignoble machinations. Please read an outstanding piece by Timothy Egan of the NY Times entitled Our Fake Democracy. It is a sobering but essential essay on what we are up against.

Zoe Rosenberg of Curbed reported on the city’s new action plan for the rezoning of Inwood. Shout out to Martine Thompson and Vogue for their really cool story on trailblazing females Yaris Sánchez, Venus X and Diana Veras and their love of Uptown. Kudos goes out to photographer Cheril Sánchez for the awesome images.

Director Jeff Baena and actress Aubrey Plaza came Uptown recently to check out the Cloisters. Anna Russell of The New Yorker fills us in on the details. Please do yourself a favor and check out Film Works Alfresco, which is a free film series in Inwood Park every Monday until August 21.

A Toast to Fort Tryon goes down on Thursday, July 13 at 6 p.m. This awesome event is an annual rite Uptown and raises money to sustain the majestic Fort Tryon Park. Get your tickets pronto! Nuff said! Spread some of that Uptown Love and get yourself or your loved ones some UC swag at

Fresh off the awesome news that Lin-Manuel was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the music video for Miranda’s “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)” off The Hamilton Mixtape just dropped. Please check it out, you won’t be disappointed. The Fix comes to us from Break Out The Crazy, Curves Into Grooves.


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