UC Recap – June 25 – June 30

June 25 – June 30

Saturday, June 30th was a glorious day Uptown. Not only was it Nutcracker Awareness Day at Le Chéile (839 West 181st Street) but it was also the closing reception for the 2012 Uptown Arts Stroll at Arka Lounge (4488 Broadway). It was in many ways an Art and Culture Uptown Double Header extravaganza. Check out the site for pictures and a recap of the festivities.

This week also saw another installment of the super popular Secrets of a Long Life series by my wife Eileen Z. Fuentes and photographer Briana E. Heard. The Elixir: Secrets of a Long Life wellness series delves into the lives of seniors and their ideas and rituals on longevity. The subject of this vignette was Arthur Gewirtz, a spry 87-year-old who exudes charm, charisma and wisdom.

Oveous Maximus is having a listening party for his highly anticipated “Kill Your Myth” album at Katra on Tuesday, July 17th. More than a spoken word artist, Oveous makes music than will make you dance, cry, laugh and think all at the same time. Oveous put it down at the UC 2-year anniversary bash recently but has been killing stages and myths, for that matter, throughout the world. While we are on the topic of talented artists, Audubon rocked Phuket Lounge a few weeks ago. Check out the video of the occasion courtesy of Lozer Films.

For this installment of Throw Back Thursdays, we are featuring our pictures, courtesy of my good friend Paul Lomax, of the always-awesome Toast to Fort Tryon Park event. Reason being, is that the event is around the corner, July 26th to be precise, and it is one of my favorite functions of the summer. Get your tickets to this awesome event.

Did I call it or did I call it? The race for the 13th Congressional district did not disappoint. At first it seemed that longtime Congressman Charles Rangel had beat State Senator Adriano Espaillat for the seat. Well, as this goes to print Rangel is only up by a little over a thousand votes and as the ballots continue to be counted, his lead is steadily shrinking. Stay tuned for more on one of the most interesting races in the entire country.

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