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UC Recap – June 18 – June 23

 June 18 – June 23

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

Welcome to Trump’s America, where the huddled masses yearning to be free are put in concentration camps and torn away from their children. The chattering malcontents on Fox News are lining up to provide rationalizations for the indefensible. The execrable Laura Ingraham had the gall to compare the child immigrant detention centers to summer camps. Not to be outdone, Ann Coulter referred to the severely traumatized children as child actors. This is America in 2018. Trump and his Republican party have radicalized some people to the point where they no longer, if they ever did, see people of color as human beings. It is sad to say but to them we are nothing more than animals. Trump, himself, has used that exact same language. By now you have heard the absolutely painful audio clip from inside one of America’s concentration camps courtesy of the indispensable ProPublica. We are living through tumultuous times. There is no certainty that we will collectively wake up from the long national nightmare that is Trumpism. If we don’t slow down the Trump Train this November it might just be over for the American Experiment.

Have you checked out the newly expanded Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar (4463 Broadway) yet? It’s the same Locksmith vibe and feel just more ample and accommodating. It is still the quintessential neighborhood bar but with an upgrade. Locksmith has not lost any of its charm and allure in their impressive renovation. My favorite appetizer is the Honey Sriracha wings and you just can’t go wrong with the My Boy Blue Burger. I’m talking an 8 oz. sirloin patty with thick cut bacon, crumbled blue cheese, lettuce, tomato and caramelized onions on a toasted bun. Damn, you know that sounds amazing. I am getting hungry just writing about it. You should hit them up ASAP and tell them the Uptown Collective sent you.

By the way, the word on the street is that Bodega Pizza (4455 Broadway) will be opening up again soon. Bodega Pizza was known for some delectable wood oven pizzas that garnered some serious citywide buzz. My favorite was the Tres Golpes pizza, which comes with salami, bacon, eggs and mozzarella cheese. I can’t wait until they re-open.


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