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UC Recap – June 15 – June 20

By Led Black

June 15 – June 20

I have to thank Mayor Bill de Blasio for coming Uptown to the Shabazz Center on Father’s Day to once again forcefully denounce the planned mass deportations of undocumented Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic. As a Dominican-American I am outraged that the government of the Dominican Republic would act in such venal and outright contemptible manner. In 2013, the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic rendered hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent stateless by stripping them of their citizenship. To make matters worse, the measure was enacted retroactively, reaching back to 1929. Last week marked the deadline for the undocumented to register their presence. It seems that the groundwork has been laid for mass deportations to begin. International reproach and condemnation may be the only thing that will bring the government back from the brink.

Have you taken a stroll or a bike ride on the newly re-opened High Bridge? If not, what are you waiting for? This massive undertaking has been 45 years and $60 Million plus in the making. Longtime Uptownsman (I just coined a phrase) Steven Kopstein likes the High Bridge so much he feels that it should never close, as it is only open for part of the day. Steven Kopstein goes one step further and penned a reasoned and highly persuasive argument for keeping the High Bridge open 24/7.

Inwood Hill Park is my favorite place Uptown. It is an urban oasis. I like to say that Inwood Hill Park is in Manhattan but not of it. It is as close to raw nature as you will ever get on the isle of Manhattan. Cole Thompson of My Inwood took us on a trek to the history and lore of the Indian caves of Inwood Hill Park.

Listen folks, if you like French cuisine, it is a must you stop by Cheri Harlem (231 Malcolm X Blvd). The food and service are amazing and place itself is just also drop dead gorgeous.

The seriously funny folks at 8JTV are back with a sidesplitting look at jealous lovers, both male and female, and their insane antics. Eckz put out a really cool anime video of his song with Dubwork, Don’t Fail Me Now.

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