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UC Recap – June 12 – June 17

 June 12 – June 17

Warriors come out to play! In celebration of the Warriors victory, we have released a special limited edition of the Washington Heights Warriors tee. Get yours before it is too late. Spread Love It’s The Uptown Way! Hit up: to get your exclusive Uptown Collective tees and accessories.

Mónica Cordero, Constanza Gallardo, and Alma Sacasa of CityLab wrote a superb article on the informal network of unregulated loan operators that operate in many Latino neighborhoods and especially in Washington Heights. Shout out to those young emerging journalists for simply excellent reporting. Jon Pareles of the NY Times penned a must-read review of the “Rhythm & Power: Salsa in New York exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York. The exhibit deftly delves into the history of Salsa. I will be checking Rhythm & Power out ASAP and you should too. You have until November 26, 2017 to catch this powerful exhibit. You can catch it for free on July 19 as part of the Uptown Bounce kick-off celebration.

What is a Latino Vortex? A Latino Vortex is an otherworldly realm found in Latino gatherings that NO ONE can escape from…. Beware! Please check out the hilarious video from Mas Mejor and the funny folks at Room 28 Comedy that explores the supernatural phenomenon.

In keeping with the United Palaces mission of becoming a crucial cultural hub for the neighborhood, Danza Debuts is a next-generation dance event. One of the choreographers involved with the project, Cassie Nordgren, chopped it up with us regarding the dance extravaganza that took place on June 16. The good folks at the Higher Ground Festival have a Kickstarter campaign going to support their festival. The 3rd Annual Higher Ground Festival will take place on Saturday June 24, 2017 at the Anne Loftus Playground. Please don’t miss it. The Fix comes to us from Kapi-Ku from The Machine, Add Vice.

Frankie Reese just released a book of poetry. Titled Inwards, the collection of poems captures the intelligence, wit and depth of Ms. Reese. Love, life, and spirituality are all explored in this truly enjoyable read. So there you have it, support this powerful young woman and buy her book.


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