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UC Recap – July 30 – August 4

 July 30 – August 4

Our Congressman Adriano Espaillat as well as other elected officials and concerned community members held a vigil at the Billing’s Lawn in Fort Tryon Park on Tuesday, July 31 to protest the recent incitement by the white supremacist group Identity Evropa in our beloved park. Hundreds of folks came out in a wonderful demonstration of the diversity and resilience of this neighborhood. Please check out our social media to see a video of the White Supremacist group’s flagrant romp through our majestic park. The video will make your blood boil. The video also clearly displays the faces of some of the young thugs that terrorized the folks in the park. We are hoping that the NYPD decides to make a move on this act of hate. We can no longer pretend that we are immune to The Trump Effect. The ill winds of bigotry are now blowing through our backyard. The White Supremacist in the Oval Office has emboldened the worst elements of this society and has opened up a Pandora’s box of hatred, racism and xenophobia. This is nothing less than, a fight for the soul of our nation. The question becomes: How will we respond?

It’s time to support Dominican films again. That’s right folks, you can catch the much buzzed about Dominican film Cocote at the IFC Center (323 6th Ave). Dominican filmmaker Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias explores the lurking violence, corruption, and class conflicts in the Dominican Republic through the tale of a gardener whose tense return to his country home is compounded by the fact that he is expected to avenge his father’s murder. Remember folks, if we don’t support our art, who will? The Dominican film industry is growing by leaps and bounds and we need to continue to support that trajectory. Right now the film is on a limited run until this coming Thursday, August 9. Let’s spread that Uptown Love and support this film and get that run extended.


The bodega is an NYC institution. It’s where you get anything from eggs and milk to hot sandwiches and plátanos. And for decades, the Dominican-American community has run so many of them, turning them from corner stores to something extra special. The good folks at AJ+ explain why in a wonderful short video. Hit up our site to take a gander.


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