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UC Recap – July 3 – July 8

 July 3 – July 8

It looks like the Uptown tradition of setting off industrial grade fireworks in the streets is alive and thriving. In fact, from the looks of things it seems to have spread from just being a Dyckman thing to all parts of Uptown and the Bronx. As usual, the UC was there to capture the magic and the madness. Shout out to our very own Emmanuel Abreu for the simply incredible pictures. Hit up the site as soon as possible to take a gander at what Independence Day Uptown looks like.

Names matter, people. Harlem is Harlem forever. Indivisible. SoHa is an aberration. Stephon Johnson and Cyril Josh Barker of the Amsterdam News gave us the welcome news that the push to rebrand South Harlem SoHa may finally be over. Speaking of the madness of SoHa, Ginia Bellafante of the NY Times wrote an excellent piece on the proposed rebranding.

The good folks at Urban Matter put together a pretty awesome list of the 7 best bars in Harlem. Shout out to the bars that made the cut – 67 Orange Street, Harlem Tavern, Mess Hall, Shrine, Solomon & Kuff, The Guthrie Inn and The Honeywell. Make sure you show these fine establishments some Uptown Love pronto. By the way, don’t forget to check out Seawalk Restaurant on Dyckman. Seawalk is dishing out some innovative seafood-focused fare in a seriously swank and sexy space. I was there for the grand opening not too long ago and was blown away by the food, the décor, and the service.

A Toast to Fort Tryon goes down this Thursday, July 13 at 6 p.m. For a mere $50, you not only do your part in supporting this Uptown gem but you also get to partake in fine wines, craft beers courtesy of the Dyckman Beer Company and delectable fare from the New Leaf Restaurant. Benefit proceeds will help maintain this historic park, underwriting horticulture staff, free environmental, cultural and fitness programs, and targeted capital improvements in the park. I know I will be there. Will you?

The Fix comes to us from Soli and Chunk of The Machine, Faded. Shout out to artist extraordinaire Dister for the visuals.

Summer calls for tees. Please go to to support the Uptown Love movement.


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