UC Recap – July 25th – July 30th

July 25th – July 30th

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Joselyn Martinez was only 9-years-old when her beloved father was murdered in front of the restaurant he owned on Dyckman and Nagle Ave. The year was 1986 and the family was planning to move back to the Dominican Republic to escape the violence and mayhem that was quickly engulfing the neighborhood. They never made it. The murderer, 16-year-old Justo Santos, however, did as he fled to the island to escape the reach of the law. The murder was filed away as a cold case and it may have remained there if not for the tenacity of the daughter who was determined to find her father’s killer.

In 2006, now an adult, Joselyn began a long and frustrating search to bring the assassin to justice. Just as her faith in ever finding the man who changed her life was beginning to waver, she was able to obtain a crucial piece of information that led to the arrest of Justos Santos after almost 30 years. But guess what? On Thursday, October 30th, 2015 Justice Robert M. Stolz of the State Supreme Court dismissed the murder charge against Justo Santos on a technicality. Mr. Santos walked out of court a free man even though he had admitted to the murder of Jose Martinez. Thank god that is not where the story ends. Shayna Jacobs of the NY Daily News reported that Mr. Martinez was recently convicted of immigration fraud in connection with the shooting.

Did you catch our very own State Senator Adriano Espaillat speaking at the Democratic National Convention? Jillian Jorgensen of the Observer penned an informative article on his rise from being undocumented to the hallowed halls of congress. Rose Hackman of the Guardian wrote an excellent piece on one of the quintessential traditions of NYC summers, frolicking in open fire hydrants.

My first Sofar Sounds experience was everything I expected and more. The venue was Our Saviours Atonement Lutheran Church (178 Bennett Ave). Our lineup for the evening was Arms, Kéren and Gracie & Rachel. To be truthful I had never heard of any of these artists before but I left that night a fan of all 3 acts as well as a believer in the power of Sofar Sounds.


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