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UC Recap- July 20 – July 25

By Led Black

July 20 – July 25

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, the latest film by director Stanley Nelson, masterfully tells the story of the rise and subsequent fall of the Black Panther Party. The rich archival footage and the superb musical direction of the film vividly brings the turbulent era to life. Here are Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Fred Hampton, Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver in all of their glory – speaking truth to power in their own words. The film brilliantly illustrates how the constant and quasi-legal war being waged on the group eventually led to their demise. The importance and timeliness of this film, with the almost monthly killing of unarmed people of color, cannot be overstated. By so artfully rendering the unsettled era of the Black Panthers, the film forces you to ponder the racial, social and economic progress that has and has not been made and how perilously unsettling things are right now. The film hits theaters on September 2nd at the NY Film Forum.

Speaking of great documentaries, Amy, the must-see documentary by Asif Kapadia, reintroduces us to Amy Winehouse. The film’s use of rare home recordings and behind-the-scenes footage of the artist provides a voyeur’s view of Amy before the fame and fortune transmogrified her to a wounded and drug addled songbird in a gilded cage. Amy lovingly breathes life into her story and struggle. The film is a fitting testament to an artist that was both ahead and before her time.

Can you believe that a buffoon such as Donald Trump is even allowed to run for President? Instead of attacking the ignoramus, our newest contributor, Joanna Castro, chooses to affirm Mexican identity by providing an animated account of recent outings in the NYC connected to Mexican culture. Sometimes you just have to take the high road.

The good folks at Room 28 are back with the Luciano Car Dealership. All I have to say is that the dealership may or may not be haunted. The 8JTV crew also released another hilarious video that explains the Dominican Bodega.

Don’t forget folks that Uptown Bounce is taking place every Wednesday until August 12th. You get to take in all the exhibits at both El Museo del Barrio and the Museum of the City for free. Not too mention, music, dance and food trucks.

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