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UC Recap – January 16th – January 21st

January 16th – January 21st

Well ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have feared is upon us. Barack Obama has been replaced by you-know-who. Say it ain’t so. I am still hoping that this is a collective nightmare we are all having and that we will soon wake up in a world that makes sense. Simply stated, Donald Trump is not fit to be President. Donald Trump employed outright racism and old-fashioned xenophobia to appeal to the absolute worst in people and win the presidency. That makes him illegitimate. But there is no denying that 63 million voted for the White Supremacist candidate. Even still, he will never be my President, not today, not tomorrow, and not ever. Please hit up our site to read my Op-Led on America’s last and greatest President, Barack Obama.

A few days ago, Rep. Adriano Espaillat made many of his constituents extremely happy by refusing to attend the inauguration/coronation of you-know-who. Kudos to Rep. Adriano Espaillat for standing up for what is right regardless of the consequences. Michele Gorman of Newsweek reported on 4 Harlem heroines who have decided to run from Harlem to D.C. to raise funds and awareness for Planned Parenthood. Jim Clash of Forbes penned an excellent piece on Figure Skating In Harlem, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of young girls of color through figure skating.

Sign up today for a FREE collaborative theatre-making program in Washington Heights courtesy of the indispensable Peoples Theatre Project. Hurry up before you lose your spot. Don’t forget folks; catch the last of the “Dead of Winter play reading series courtesy of the Up Theater Company this coming Sunday, January 29th.

The Elizabeth Dee Gallery debuted its newest initiative this past weekend. Entitled “Selections,” the exhibition series is all about shining a much-needed light on emerging artists. The inaugural installment of Selections features the work of four artists based in Harlem and the South Bronx: Derek Fordjour, Emily Henretta, Lucia Hierro and Kenny Rivero. 

Last year at this time, Glory was in the hospital recovering from being shot after being robbed by a crazed gunman. Glory recently dropped his latest music video that delves into the shooting and his renewed focus on his music, his career and his purpose in life.

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