UC Recap – January 1 – January 6

January 1 – January 6

Awaken ancient forms, and play within them,

Sift gold amidst the wreckage of your slumber;

Renew your passions, maybe Pinterest pin them,

Tell that one toxic friend, “Yo, lose my number.”

The day is clear, a new year is aborning;

And so are you, perpet’ually. Gmorning.

We started the year with that awesome piece of poetry that appeared on Twitter courtesy of Uptown superhero Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Rachel Warton of the NY Daily News highlights some outstanding Harlem comfort food spots. The article begins with perennial favorite Sylvia’s Restaurant, which has been dishing out some of the best soul food in the world since 1962. From there the culinary road trip stops by Lenox Saphire, whose French-African accented cuisine has been wooing patrons since the place opened up. Lastly, Ms. Warton hits up Tropical Grill & Restaurant for some downright delicious Dominican fare.

Right in the nick of time comes the Up Theater Company’s Dead of Winter play series. So fight the primordial urge to hibernate and get out in the cold for some smoking hot theater. That’s right; 4 plays every Sunday for 4 weeks for free. The next one takes place on January 14 at the Fort Washington Collegiate Church. How do you like them apples?

The Bomb Cyclone was the cause of the cancellation of El Museo del Barrio’s 41st Annual Three Kings Day Parade. El Museo del Barrio will be hosting a special SUPER SABADO, a free family day ‪on Saturday, January 20th. The afternoon will feature live musical performances, art-making workshops, storytelling, and more.

By the way, I am reading the book that has the whole world riveted, Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff. While I was already aghast at the antics of the usurper in chief, this book is quite frankly alarming. Either we put an end to the Trump travesty or he will put an end to the American experiment.

Once again it’s on. The Latinos Out Loud crew is back at it people. Better, bolder and louder than ever before. For their inaugural episode on the reVolver podcast network the gang goes all the way in. Hit up the site and check it out ASAP. The Fix comes to us from IamCruz featuring Xavier AlvaradoFreedom.

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