UC Recap – February 3rd – February 8th

Feb 3 – Feb 8


Listen up familia; local novelist, regular UC contributor and my good friend A.J. Sidransky has a new novel that will be released on March 28, 2020. The Interpreter is a riveting read that brings the horrors of the second war world and the post-war chaos to life. You can pre-order the book starting on March 14. Please stay tuned for a full review of the book. While you await the release, we recommend you read some of A.J.’s earlier work such as the Forgiving Series. You can check them out online or at Word Up Books (2113 Amsterdam Ave @ 165th Street). Check out his website at

Do I have a great deal for lunch for you! You need to check out Inwood Bar and Grill (4892 Broadway) immediately for its super awesome and affordable 5 Dollar Lunch Special. Get this: Every weekday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., you have a plethora of delicious options for an unbeatable price. And I’m not talking a little plate of food either; you are given amble portions of delicious fare. I am working my way through the menu but my favorite so far is the 2 fried pork chops with rice and beans. The menu also boasts a damn good burger and fries. And if you are inclined to have a beer or three, select draft beers are only $3 bucks. So hurry up and check out the best kept lunch secret Uptown.

Did you know that a real life Queen in coming Uptown later this month? That’s right folks, Queen Lauryn Hill will be doing her thing at the venerable United Palace on February 22, 2020 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Manhattan’s 4th largest theater and one of five famed Loew’s Wonder Theatres. I got my tickets already. Do you have yours?

A reminder is in order. You have until February 24, 2020 to submit for the 2020 Uptown Arts Stroll Poster Contest. First prize is $1250 honorarium and your artwork all over the neighborhood. This is a big deal, folks, so get to submitting pronto.

Hit up our site to check out the latest hilarious episode of the award winning Latinos Out Loud podcast.

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