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UC Recap – February 29 – March 5

February 29 – March 5

Do you know what the 96th Street Divide is? It is, especially on the East Side, a barrier between two worlds. One of those worlds is affluent, educated and healthy and the other is destitute, malnourished and sick. In East Harlem, four times as many people have diabetes than in the neighboring Upper East Side. Meera Senthilingam of Mosaic does a brilliant deep dive on the topic that is as illuminating as it is disturbing. Please go to our site and give the poignant podcast a listen.

You knew this was going to happen sooner or later. It turns out there was a dastardly scammer out there selling fake Hamilton tickets through Craigslist. That is until he sold a pair of fake tickets to a woman who was simply the wrong one to mess with. After she found out she had been duped, she went ahead and set up a sting, and then and only then, did she go to the police. Melkorka Licea of the NY Post tells us the tale of one Hamilton super fan that had as much guts and gumption as Alexander Hamilton once did.

Matt A.V. Chaban of the NY Times penned an important story on the historical preservation that doesn’t seem to be a priority for Harlem. Save Harlem Now is trying to change that sad state of affairs. Jessica Leber of Fast Company wrote a great piece on John Henry of Cofound Harlem, who is turning Harlem into a startup hub. Steven Kurutz of the NY Times takes us on a tour of D.J. Jillionaire’s living room in Washington Heights.

NPR produced a stirring video of renowned opera singer Lawrence Brownlee singing his heart out in a crypt deep within the historic Church of the Intercession. Inspired and moved by the Black Lives Matter movement, Brownlee revives the old spiritual “There’s a Man Going ‘Round Taking Names” for the 21st Century. Ligaya Mishan of the NY Times takes us to Leche y Miel, a Dominican restaurant in the Bronx owned by a couple from Washington Heights that is putting their own distinctive flair on Dominican cuisine.

The talented Audubon is back with another one, Show Your Teeth. The Fix comes us to from Skematics featuring Crestastarr, Wrong Feels So Right.

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