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UC Recap – February 27th – March 4th

 February 27th – March 4th

Shout out to Elle for a stellar photo shoot in Harlem recently. Featuring models Amilna Estevão and Alécia Morais and styled by Samira Nasr, Elle really did its homework and represented the eternal capital of cool properly. They hit up such iconic Harlem hotspots as the Apollo Theater, The Malcolm Shabazz Market, Sylvias and Red Rooster among many others. Click below to see the rest of the awesome pictures courtesy of Mark Seliger.

While the Trump tyranny continues to embarrass, usurp and defile it was with profound relief and satisfaction that I attended a screening of The Obama Years: The Power of Words at The National Jazz Museum in Harlem earlier this week. For that hour, at least, I could bask in the brilliance, dynamism and compassion of America’s last president and pretend that a bigoted buffoon was not currently in the Oval Office. The respite did not last long because the movie only reinforced how fortunate we were to have had such a leader as Barack Obama and how bleak the future looks now with you-know-who in office.

For the record, Washington Heights is not WaHi and the South Bronx is not SoBro and so on and so forth. These neighborhoods do not need to be re-branded for the sake of selling real estate. Zachary Kiesch of Fox 5 came Uptown for an informative take on the phenomenon.

Joshua Espinoza of Complex gave us the great news that Jay Z will co-produce the screen adaption of In The Heights. Amy Plitt of Curbed NY took us to a quaint townhouse on Sylvan Terrace that is currently on the market. The price of the property has actually been reduced and can be yours for a mere $1.625 million. Annmarie Fertoli of WNYC reported on the growing crowds at the Dominican consulate amid concerns over the Trump regime and their machinations.

This week, the Latinos Out Loud crew talk about what they are giving up for lent and they chop it up with Adam Levine of the Project Bronx web series. The 2nd Annual Inwood Film Festival is going down on March 17 and 18 at the Campbell Sports Center (218th Street and Broadway). The festival focuses on films that were either shot in Inwood or created by folks from Inwood.


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