UC Recap – February 17th – February 22nd

Feb 17 – Feb 22


On February 16, 2020 the Dominican government made the fateful decision to cancel municipal elections due to a computer “glitch.” To add insult to injury, 2 days later Dominican authorities responded to protests by firing tear gas bombs at young folks protesting the machinations of the ruling party. The response from everyday Dominicans on the island was an emphatic “Hell to the nah.” Massive, peaceful, non-violent protests simultaneously broke out across the island. The Dominican Diaspora also decided that they would stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Quisqueya and protests have taken place across the globe from Spain to the Netherlands, and from Los Angeles to Miami. Washington Heights, which is the unofficial 3rd capital of the Dominican Republic, would not be silent. On Saturday, February 22, thousands of people converged on 181st Street to ensure their voices were held. Please hit up our site for pictures of the protest.

Later that same day, I had the pleasure of watching a queen hold court. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Lauryn Hill came Uptown to the United Palace to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of that venerable institution. Ms. Hill rocked the filled to capacity crowd and the folks in attendance did not sit down for the entirety of the show. The iconoclast performed a lively and reimagined version of her classic album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. She also serenaded the United Palace for the 90th Anniversary milestone. Check out the site for pics of the festivities.

Local journalist Sandra García penned a superb piece in the NY Times about the guerrilla car washers of Inwood. With the sweeping changes taking place Uptown, one wonders if these street entrepreneurs will survive the onslaught.

Speaking of must-read material, please check out the searing piece by journalist Anand Giridharadas entitled The Billionaire Election also in the NY Times that takes a critical look at the power of the money in our Democracy.  Giridharadas has been on a tear of late and his appearance on MSNBC this past weekend has the internet talking. Without mincing words, Giridharadas put the smackdown on those in the mainstream media who are giving a pass to billionaires while at the same time throwing shots at the people’s champ, Bernie Sanders.

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