UC Recap – February 13th – February 18th

 February 13th – February 18th

Okay, do yourself a favor and check out Pop + Pour ASAP. The latest edition to the ever popular Dyckman Strip, Pop + Pour (200 Dyckman) exudes a sexy, swank and sophisticated vibe. It also boasts an inventive New American menu created by critically acclaimed Chef Ricardo Cardona that is eclectic and downright delicious. Such delectable fare as Wagyu beef with truffle butter, chicken and waffles and lobster rolls gives you an inkling of what Pop + Pour is bringing to the Uptown culinary landscape. Add to that an artfully curated selection of wines and craft beers and this may just become your new favorite spot on the Dyckman Strip. The space itself is so chic, cozy and comfortable that you may not want to leave. Especially after imbibing their stellar sangrias, which come in red, white and champagne. Check out Pop + Pour pronto! You can thank us later.

I have once again fallen madly in love. I mean head over heels. Her name is Champagne and she is a 2017 Lincoln Continental. Please don’t judge me. Shout out to Emmanuel Abreu for the awesome pictures of my new boo and I. Thanks again to the good folks at the Lincoln Motor Company for always showing the Uptown Collective love.

Sally Goldenburg of Politico reported on the massive mixed-use development slated for East Harlem. Sergey Kadinsky, author of Hidden Waters of NYC, provided a fascinating history of Sherman Creek. The pioneering Ballet Hispánico will be doing their thing at the venerable United Palace on March 11. Get your tickets post-haste.

Laura Dimon, Shayna Jacobs, Graham Rayman of the NY Daily News reported that “two detectives were arrested Thursday on accusations they fabricated seeing a man with a gun in Washington Heights and repeated the lie on a search warrant and before a grand jury.”

This week’s installment of the Black History Month In Brief series takes a look at the meaning of freedom as defined by an Uptown elder that marched at Selma with Dr. King. Shout out to my good friend A.J. Sidransky for another outstanding piece. In the latest episode of the Latinos Out Loud Podcast, Juan Bago, Rachel La Loca and the crew chop it up with actor Danny García.


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