UC Recap – December 9th – December 14th

Dec 9 – Dec 14

The trailer for the much-anticipated In The Heights movie may have made its official premiere elsewhere, but on Wednesday, December 11 the cast and crew were welcomed home with a raucous and spirited affair that included at 809 on Dyckman. To see one’s neighborhood rendered so beautifully and tenderly gave everyone in attendance the collective chills and moved folks so much that the trailer had to be played twice that evening. The adoring crowd was also treated to a spectacular gag reel that illustrated the genuine bond the cast shared. The love in the room was palpable as all these luminaries who were a part of this film shared stories from what they all said was the best summer of their lives working on this project. The In The Heights movie is set to take over the globe next year but this past week it conquered Uptown. Washington Heights will never be the same again. The film will be released on June 26, 2020.

Scott Lynch of Gothamist came Uptown recently to ensure that Elsa La Reina Del Chicharron was still worthy of the crown. The answer is… of course she is. Elsa’s chicharrones are the best in the city, according to everyone, including this respected food writer. So, there you have it folks, hit up one of the 4 outposts of chicharron royalty in the area and try it out for yourself.

Mark your calendars folks, the Dominican Writers Association is having its fundraiser on the night of January 24, 2020 at the awesome Pop & Pour (200 Dyckman St). Support this special evening of music, spoken word, art and comedy to raise funds for the 2nd Annual Dominican Writers Conference.

Get your tickets folks to see Biodun Kuti & Friends at the Buunni Performance Space on Friday, December 20. Don’t sleep and miss out on the Afro-Beat awesomeness right in your own backyard.

In the latest episode of the LOL podcast, the crew discusses Twitter, cornea piercing candy canes and super computers. The special guest this week is the homie Kareem Savinon. Seriously, people our newest writer, Riquelmy Sosa, is really putting it down. Please hit us up for another superb read.

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