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UC Recap – December 5th – December 10th

December 5th – December 10th

We The People A Social Justice Theatre Festival was an absolute blast. The People’s Theatre Project (PTP) really outdid themselves with their weekend-long arts, culture and community extravaganza. The entire neighborhood, both young and old, came together to create art that was communal, celebratory and cathartic. I am proud to have taken part on an important panel about race, community and the arts as part of the festival.

Shout out to Sherry Mazzocchi for putting us on to the Pie Pop Up Shop that is holding court in Le Chéile. June Coleman aka The Pie Lady is dishing out some serious pies for the holidays so make sure you hit her up. Your family will thank you. The funny folks of Thats Dominican are back. Check out their latest antics as the crew attempts to rescue Brenda.   

It looks like the costly renovation of the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal will not meet its December 2016 target. Amanda Mikelberg of Metro US breaks it down for us. Amanda Mikelberg also reported on how Washington Heights’ entrepreneurs are adapting to gentrification. Shout out to Pocion (704 W 177th Street), which is mentioned in the article. You have to check them out for some next generation cocktails and simply delectable vegan fare.

The MTA-Artists Unite Subway Elevator Poster Project has announced the sixth call for artwork to be placed in the subway elevators at the A-Line 184th St. and 190th St. Subway Stations. This collaborative project acknowledges the uniqueness of our community and fulfills Artists Unite mission to bring art to the public in creative venues. The last set of posters are still on exhibit in the elevators. Artists Unite is looking for seven (7) original artworks by artists residing in CB 12 (Manhattan north of 155th, river to river) to be produced as posters and placed in each of the 3 elevators per station. Work will be seen by thousands of residents and tourists en route to the Cloisters Museum.

Don’t forget that the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA) also has a call for submissions for the 2017 Uptown Arts Stroll Poster Contest. You have until Friday, February 24th, 2017 to submit your artwork. Good luck!

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