UC Recap – December 16th – December 21st

Dec 16 – Dec 21

“Misconduct complaints against officers in the NYPD’s 34th Precinct have risen for three years straight. In 2018, 15 officers had complaints against them substantiated, the most of any precinct in New York City.” Ali Winston penned an absolute must-read piece in The Appeal that looks at the alarming uptick in complaints against officers at the precinct. The piece also delves into the past and the 34th precinct’s conduct during the heights of the crack epidemic in the 1990s.

Say word? Nike has teamed up with the NYC Parks Department to release a limited footwear and apparel collection that pays homage to some of the most important public spaces in the city as well as the unsung heroes who help keep these spaces in great condition. Our very own Inwood Hill Park is featured in one of the cool videos. The video highlights Sagrario Almonte who has worked for the Parks Department for 18 years and is committed to making playgrounds safe for children and families.

On the eve of impeachment, thousands of New Yorkers converged on Times Square to register their utter disgust and contempt for the current occupant of the White House. Our very own @eyeshootnyc was on hand to capture the people power on display.

Listen up people, you have until January 12 to get tickets to the absolute dopest show on Broadway. After more than 15 years in existence, Freestyle Love Supreme is now on Broadway and the Great White Way will never be the same again. This is unlike any other show you will see. Every night is a different experience as the performers take suggestions from the audience to craft improvisational lyrical masterpieces that are unique to the performance. So there you have it folks, get your tickets ASAP. This is the best last-minute gift you will ever give. Trust me on this one. I saw the show recently and was utterly blown away by it.

Okay if you have not read any of the work of our latest contributor, Riquelmy Sosa, then you are missing out on something special. Hit up our site for a searing piece on what happens when the Three Kings disappear and Christmas is cancelled for a poor family Uptown.

On the latest episode of the LOL podcast, the crew discusses the In The Heights trailer release party, Madonna’s latest young boo and the true meaning of X-Mas. The special guests this week are the good folks from Happy Munkey.

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