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UC Recap –  December 11 – December 16

 December 11 – December 16

Angel Salazar began working at Grandpa’s Brick Oven Pizza when it first opened in 2004. He eventually worked his way up to manager and this year after much penny-pinching and frugality he became the owner of the much-loved eatery. Then in the early morning hours of Friday, December 9, just two months after purchasing the store, Angel’s pizzeria caught fire. The incident tore through the back of the store and destroyed much of the kitchen – shattering his dream of a successful business he could call his own. Please folks, spread that Uptown Love and let’s help Angel rebuild Grandpa’s Pizza. This is what the season of giving and community is all about. Please support here:

Sam Schube of GQ Magazine gave us a first look at the new atelier from Gucci and the iconic Harlem designer, Dapper Dan. Get this: Dapper Dan will now be custom-making Gucci pieces from a Guccied-out brownstone on Lenox Avenue. Back in the 1980’s Dapper Dan was the undisputed king of urban fashion. Dapper Dan’s boutique in Harlem literally changed haute couture and was the designer of note for the early Hip-Hop era, styling everybody from Eric B & Rakim, to LL Cool J to Mike Tyson. Dapper Dan’s designs liberally incorporated the logos of many of the major luxury brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton into his much sought-after street wear creations. The fashion houses were not amused and sued his Harlem boutique out of existence. Then earlier this year, Gucci debuted a jacket that was obviously inspired by the work of Dapper Dan. The ensuing brouhaha was the catalyst for the unlikely collaboration. It’s crazy how things have come full circle.

Uptown superhero, Lin-Manuel Miranda, succinctly delineates 4 ways to help Puerto Rico right now in a must-see video courtesy of The Washington Post. Please watch and share with abandon.

The one and only Chazmere is back people. Simple Things is the first visual from Chazmere’s superb 4th album, •FELT•. Check out the project ASAP. You can thank us later. Remember, if we don’t support our art who will? The Fix comes to us from the homie, IamCruz, No Time.


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