UC Recap: August 5 – August 10

UC Recap: August 5 – August 10

By Led Black

I am very excited to announce the release of the trailer for the forthcoming short film, The Incredibly Spectacular Dyckman Fireworks Co., which is an ode to the 4th of July and summer. It is a visceral look at how our neighborhood celebrates the spirit and tradition of the holiday. This short film is in many ways an adjunct to the Nutcracker Inc. documentary and is a collaborative effort between a whole host of talented Uptown folks. Please share and spread the word about the trailer above and stay tuned for the short film. You already know the motto, “Spread Love it’s the Uptown Way!”

The good folks at Channel Thirteen and PBS showed the oldest house in Manhattan, the Morris Jumel Mansion, some love recently. In the informative video, the Director of Education and Public Programs at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, Carol Ward, gives the viewer a guided tour of the venerable Washington Heights landmark. The Wall Street Journal posted a great picture of the Harvest Dome being lowered into the marsh at the beloved Inwood Hill Park. The dome is made from over 400 discarded and defective umbrellas, floating on 128 soda bottles.

Our Monday Mood Music column featured the latest video from SuperFly Gee featuring the incredibly gifted Ty Hayez entitled 10 Birds or Better. Just in time for the Dominican Day Parade, we posted the latest banger and ode to Dominican tenacity from BLVD, Papi At The Dock. Not to mention that we posted an excellent review of Audubon’s latest opus Hotel Audubon by our very own John Paul Infante.

NYC GO is the official tourism guide for the city of New York and for the month of August they are showing love to our beloved hood with an in-depth and interactive look at the sights, sounds, hotspots and cultural attractions of the neighborhood. I mean everything from the Cloisters, to the Morris Jumel Mansion, to La Marina, to Cabrini Wines. Even La Casa del Mofongo gets a shout out. They also put together a nifty little video featuring the NY Yankees’ Robinson Cano.

The Best of the Boogie Down column by Jenni Ruiza explored a few of the signs that the Bronx is currently undergoing a renaissance of it’s own. Keep checking us out at

Led Black


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