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August 3 – August 8


Uptown Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Here Comes Kamala

We have a VP, thank God almighty, we have a VP. Kamala Harris is once again making history. When she was chosen as Biden’s VP pick, she became the first Black woman on a major ticket ever. Activist Shaun King referred to her as the most progressive VP nominee in American history. If Trump and company don’t succeed in stealing the election and she is elected this November, Harris would be the first woman and first Black Vice President in history. Not to mention that it could set her up for a historic Presidential run in 2024 or 2028.

Kamala Harris is only the second Black woman to be elected to the Senate. Prior to that she was the first Black person and the first woman to serve as California Attorney General. Oh, did I forget? She was also the San Francisco District Attorney, the first woman elected to that role.

In many ways, Kamala Harris makes perfect sense as VP. She is eloquent, erudite and effective. Kamala, Miss Harris if you’re nasty, gets ish done. Period! My forever President, Barack Obama, said Joe Biden “nailed this decision.” This is a big deal. While she was the obvious choice and not shocking in any way, I didn’t realize what a relief it would be to finally have her as the nominee.

We can now focus on dethroning the tyrant. Like Kamala Harris said during one of the Democratic Presidential debates “we have a criminal living in the White House.” It is time to clean house. Like I have said before, only a Blue Tsunami will do this year. Kamala Harris helps in that regard.

Biden was not my first, second or third choice for President. I was 100% in the tank for Bernie. I feel, and I still feel, that Bernie has been right on so many issues for so long. Universal healthcare, free college tuition, the incompatibility between income inequality and democracy. The pandemic has only confirmed the correctness of his analysis. But alas, he is not the candidate.

While I am still skeptical of Biden’s chances of defeating the tyrant, I must admit that Biden/Harris has a nice ring to it. I am also super looking forward to watching Harris absolutely demolish Pence in the Vice-Presidential debates. Pence don’t want none of that smoke. Neither does the GOP or Tyrant Trump for that matter. Watch out world, here comes Kamala!

Pa’Lante Siempre Pa’Lante!


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