UC Recap – August 26 – August 31

August 26 – August 31

You can tell by the slight nip in the air that autumn is right around the corner. Make sure you hit up all of the awesome green spaces that Uptown has to offer to truly enjoy the changing of the seasons. While you are there, make sure you snap some pics and use the hashtag #UptownCollective to be featured on our social media. Speaking of taking pics, if you missed the last #UptownPhotoWalk conducted by the homies, Emmanuel Abreu and Carlos Deschamps, they have another one coming up this month. Stay tuned via our site for more details. Remember, photographers of all levels of expertise are welcome. While you’re on our site, check out some images from the last #uptownphotowalk. We are also reposting some of the pics on our social.

Adam Edelman penned a fascinating article for NBC News that looks at the abortion underground movement that is quietly taking place across the country. The movement consists of ad-hoc groups of women that help other women who live in places where access to safe abortions are limited. One of the women featured in the article was a resident of Washington Heights. While this is not a long-term solution and the impact is limited, these women are doing the good work of helping other women in need and for that they should be commended. During these dark days of the Trump Tyranny, solidarity is the only way forward.

The indispensable Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NOMAA) has an open call for the Haven Plaza Public Art Project. Columbia University Irving Medical Center, in partnership with NoMAA, invites artists to submit proposals that creatively address ways to cover 26 bollards (cement blocks 57”L x 30”H x 22”W) and the immediate walkways located at two entrances of Haven Plaza. The design must take into consideration the proximity to the Columbia Medical Center Nursery School as well as reflect the diversity of the uptown community. One artist or team will be selected. Proposals should include a detailed budget that covers artist fees and materials. Total award will be $7,000 for the selected proposal. So, there you have it, Uptown artists; you have until September 8 at midnight to submit. I would love to see the artwork of local street artists ICU463 or Dister on those bollards.

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