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UC Recap – August 21 – August 26

 August 21 – August 26

Dr. James Marion Sims is considered the father of modern gynecology. His statue stands solemnly on Fifth Avenue and 103rd Street. The thing is, he obtained his knowledge by experimenting on enslaved Black women. Without anesthesia, may I add, because he believed that Black people did not feel pain. There is a painting by Robert Alan Thom that perfectly encapsulates the sheer terror that the “good doctor” inflicted on his unwilling patients. The searing scene depicts Dr. Sims about to “treat” one of the women he had purchased for the distinct purpose of experimenting on them. To be completely honest, the image moved me to tears. Gregg McQueen of The Manhattan Times reported on the movement to take down his statue. To that I say good riddance. We should erect a monument to his victims.

Paul Rogers of the NY Times penned an outstanding piece on the Bridge Golf Foundation, which is dedicated to using golf to improve life outcomes for young men of color. A Golf Center Grows In Harlem delves into the important work they are doing Uptown. Shout out to Johnny Milano for the awesome pictures.

The Bowery Boys blog put us up on who the majestic Fort Tryon Park is named after. It is not what you think. Trust us on that. Hit up our site to find out more. The Manhattan Times reporter Gregg McQueen also gave us the somewhat good news that Amanda Morales-Guerra, an undocumented mother of three young children, has found sanctuary at the Holyrood Church while Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials review her case – though recent reports indicate that her request for asylum has been denied. Morales-Guerra will continue to stay at the Holyrood Church for the time being and we’ll keep you posted.

The children really are the future. This week saw the official unveiling of a mural that highlighted the need for unity at IS 52 on the corner of Broadway and Academy. The mural was conceptualized by student Meliza Cepeda and painted by students from the youth program at Inwood Community Services and the Inwood Academy for Leadership. Shout out to NoMAA for helping to make that mural happen.

The Fix comes to us from the homie Audubon, Not So Perfect. You heard of Game of Thrones right? Well, the good folks at Room 28 Comedy have given us Gente of Thrones.


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