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UC Recap – April 9 – April 14

 April 9 – April 14

Jack Veneno was the man. By far, the most well known Dominican wrestler of all time, Jack Veneno is held in an almost mythic regard by so many Dominicans of a certain era. Now his stirring story is on the big screen. Washington Heights’ own Manny Pérez, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the famed wrestler, channels the volatile Veneno in another stand out performance. Directed by Tabare Blanchard and boasting an outstanding cast that includes Pepe Sierra, Yamile Scheker, Ovandy Camilo and Jaime Pina among others, Veneno, Primera Caída: El Relámpago De Jack is a testament to the growth and development of the Dominican Film industry. The Dominican Republic is making great films. Go support this one NOW.

Even superheroes have human frailties. Pulitzer Award-winning author Junot Díaz penned a powerful piece in The New Yorker about being sexually molested as a child. The repeated assaults by a relative left the young Junot adrift, depressed and suicidal. The missive provides a window into the life of a brilliant but troubled author whose past remains ever-present. It is an absolute must-read that lifts the veil of shame, self-hatred and denial felt by so many people that are sexually abused. Shout out to Junot for writing such a personal, poignant and courageous piece.

Edward Hagan was only 22 years old when he left the comforts of his beloved Inwood neighborhood to serve as an American military advisor to the South Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. In his riveting essay in The Irish Echo, Hagan brings to life the thriving Irish Inwood of the late 1960’s. The author colorfully informs us that there were “73 Irish bars north of Dyckman Street.” Speaking of the Irish Inwood of yesteryear, please hit up our site for a fascinating video from 1968 entitled Goodbye to Glocamorra that is snapshot of a neighborhood that no longer exists.

The town is talking about Detained by The Up Theater Company. Get your tickets ASAP. You have until April 28. Oh my, the Latinos Out Loud podcast is action-packed this week as usual. The crew discusses the red carpet premiere of Veneno, gym arousal, as well as cereal/vodka pairings. The special guest this week is producer and content creator Kat Lazo of Mitú.


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