UC Recap – April 8 – April 13

 April 8 – April 13


Our Uptown Tweet of the Week goes to Uptown superhero, Lin-Manuel Miranda, for announcing on Twitter some of the cast of the upcoming In The Heights film. Production begins Uptown this summer.


If you want to see what an epic fail looks like, then hit up our site to see what happens when a cop tries to ride a confiscated motorcycle to the precinct. The incident went down on Sunday, April 7 on 135th and Lenox Ave. Speaking of viral videos: we posted an endearing and hilarious video of a Dominican lady completely losing her cool when she meets Ben Stiller on the train.


The area that is now Swindler Cove Park was once an illegal dumping ground. The five beautifully reclaimed acres along the Harlem River have become another Uptown oasis. Take a trip to Swindler Cove Park courtesy of the photography of Briana E. Heard as part of our Park Portfolio series.


Do you speak Dominicanese? Do you know what a wachiman is? If you don’t I put together a handy guide to understanding the lingua franca of the Dominican Diaspora. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/Domincanese.


Have you been to Harlem Hops yet? Black-owned and craft beer-obsessed, Harlem Hops is one of my fave spots in Harlem. Hit them up ASAP.


Lots of spots Uptown make Cuban Sandwiches but there can only be one place that makes the best one. Find your way to http://bit.ly/UC_Cuban to find out who makes the best Cuban Sandwich Uptown. More importantly, learn what makes a proper Cuban Sandwich.


Save the date folks, the annual Malcolm X Birthday Celebration at the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center (3940 Broadway) will take place on May 19. Spread that Uptown Love and come out to support this Uptown giant and this important institution. Speaking of the Shabazz Center, please read my ode to Malcolm X and the center at http://bit.ly/UC_MalcolmX. The Autobiography of Malcolm X changed the trajectory of my life. Malcolm X literally put the black in Led Black.


Don’t forget to sign up for the social media workshop I will be co-teaching on June 5 as part of the 2019 Uptown Arts Stroll. RSVP here: http://bit.ly/UC-Social-RSVP.


Keep checking us out at www.uptowncollective.com.


Led Black


The Uptown Collective


The UC’s mission is to become “the” definitive, transformative and community-based force impacting the arts, culture, business and New York City’s overall perception of Upper Manhattan. Its objective is to reset, reboot and positively redefine Uptown’s artistic, political, cultural and business spheres via the online space as well the collective’s initiatives and functions.

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