UC Recap – April 4 – April 9

April 4 – April 9


Okay folks, the New York Presidential Primary is April 19th. It is a MUST that you go out and vote. Democracy is not a spectator sport. Nothing less than the republic is at stake. America’s myriad of problems must be confronted or we might just cease to exist in any recognizable form. With that said, we feel Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with the vision and freedom to propel us forward. A win in New York will be a game changer. If you need further convincing please check out our site to read an excellent opinion piece by Juan Ignacio Rosa. Also, much love to Bernie for coming to the venerable United Palace to rally the faithful this past weekend. Are you feeling the Bern?

We got your New York Values right here. Ted Cruz came to the Bronx last week and was shown absolutely no love. S/O to Rebel Díaz for letting the right-wing hate monger Ted Cruz know that he is not at all welcome in New York City. Furthermore, shame on Democratic Party Senator Rubén Díaz Sr. for welcoming and giving respectability to such a mean-spirited bigot. Please check out the incredible video of Ted Cruz being confronted by some real New Yorkers.

Uptown superhero Lin-Manuel Miranda waxes poetic on some of his favorite reads with the NY Times. I first heard the Rev. Michael A. Walrond Jr. speak at a WNYC MLK event at the world famous Apollo Theater earlier this year. I was blown away not just by his oratorical prowess but also by his commitment to activism. Melanie Grayce West of the Wall Street Journal penned an excellent profile of the good reverend.

Rocco Parascandola of the NY Daily News reported that the NYPD will be taking a fresh look at 2 transgender murders that took place in Harlem in the 90’s. Cole Thompson of My Inwood took us back in time to the old Nagle Cemetery.

The Machine Presents Kapi-KuOwn The Night. The project is a thought-provoking opus that packs plenty of food for thought. What happen when cheating goes wrong? The funny folks at 8JTV provide a hilarious take on a tryst turned sour. Lastly, get your tickets for the Up Theater Company’s Onward & Upward benefit on April 18th ASAP.


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