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UC Recap – April 30 – May 5

 April 30 – May 5

Our democracy is facing an existential crisis. The enemies of democracy, decency and diversity have usurped the American Experiment and they are furiously undoing decades of hard-earned progress. It is quite possible and unfortunate that Trump could very well win a second term. God help us. With our democracy hanging in the balance, I was appalled by mainstream journalism’s reaction to Michelle Wolf’s appropriately caustic attack on the Trump administration at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The screams of indignation against Michelle Wolf and not against Trump really make you wonder about the intentions and machinations of the mainstream media. If the media had been as honest and forthright about Donald Trump and his ilk as Michelle Wolf has been we might not be in this predicament now. Kudos goes out to the always-insightful Debralee Santos of the Manhattan Times for a must-read takedown of the mainstream media hypocrisy.

Fela Kuti was Africa’s answer to Bob Marley. In his native Nigeria in particular and West Africa in general, Fela Kuti reached an almost mythic status. Fela Kuti spoke truth to power without fear or regard for his safety. In fact, the Nigerian authorities’ heavy-handed tactics led to his mother’s death. In recent years, with the success of a Broadway play about his life as well as a few outstanding documentaries, Fela’s music has reached an even wider audience. With that said, the good folks at Sweet Spot Festival are putting together a proper Harlem celebration of the life, legacy and music of Fela Kuti. The Fela-bration goes down on Saturday, May 19 from 2 to 9 pm at the West Harlem Pier. Make sure you bring in the summer right with the first Sweet Spot Festival event of the year.

Uptown Art Alert! Knights in shining armor have invaded Fort Tryon Park. ARMORS is a site-specific public art project in the park’s Cloisters Lawn by Icelandic artist Steinunn Thorarinsdottir. You have until September 13 to catch this really cool public art exhibit. And they say chivalry is dead!

In the latest episode of the Latinos Out Loud podcast the crew discuss Michelle Wolf, #oldheadshotday and mind-reading. The special guest this week is journalist Sandra Lilley of NBC Latino.


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