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UC Recap – April 24 – April 29

 April 24 – April 29

HealthEquity4BlackLives / Mailman for Equity and Free University – NYC are planning the Heights Teach-In: Uptown Unites for Justice on May 6 at PS 128 (560 West 169th Street). This free, community-centered event focuses on bringing together individuals and organizations Uptown to learn from one another in interactive skill-building workshops. Workshops will focus on strengthening individual agency, knowledge, and skills around issues of intersectional justice.

Did you now that Inwood Hill Park is the closest example of what NYC was like in 1609? Jim Dwyer of the NY Times takes us back in time to explore the Inwood Hill Park of that era. The article highlights the work of the good folks behind the website Unsung.NYC, which creates audio-video simulations of what New York City was like in the 17th Century.

We could all use a little reawakening every now and then. With that said, the United Palace is hosting SOULEVATE: Music to Reawaken Your Body & Soul on Saturday, May 6. I’m talking an art gallery by Fareed Muhammad, vendors, food and drinks as well as performances from Oshun, Soul Science Lab, Annette Aguilar and String Beans and the Harambee Dance Company. The event is free but RSVP is a must.

The good folks at the Up Theater Company have a new production coming out next week, Lost Not Found. Please make sure you support the Up Theater Company and their latest offering. Like I have said many times in the past, you just can’t go wrong with the Up Theater Company.

Who has the right to name a neighborhood? Joe Anuta of Crains New York Business explores that question. The Fix comes to us from the homie Tellie Floydd, Percy. Al Pacino, mice, magic and a perverse what would you rather intro. Need we say more? Check out all the insane antics on the latest episode the Latinos Out Loud podcast.

By the way folks, I will be teaching a FREE Social Media class on Wednesday, May 3. Shout out to NoMAA for putting this together. The course will focus on Twitter and Instagram and will empower artists of all stripes to expand, engage and cultivate their audience. RSVP is required.


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The UC’s mission is to become “the” definitive, transformative and community-based force impacting the arts, culture, business and New York City’s overall perception of Upper Manhattan. Its objective is to reset, reboot and positively redefine Uptown’s artistic, political, cultural and business spheres via the online space as well the collective’s initiatives and functions.

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