The Uptown Collective – The Recap 8-18 to 8-23

By Led Black

August 18 – August 23

If we don’t support our own – who will? That is the question and notion that has been the driving force behind the Uptown Collective since we began broadcasting on a daily basis in February of 2010. The Uptown Renaissance was already a thing back then, we just gave it the name. Uptown has survived some dark and desperate days but has emerged as a neighborhood reborn and revitalized. Uptown is on an upswing. The people of Uptown did that. It is that can-do spirit that has inspired our latest offering; The Uptown VS Everybody tee. Spread that Uptown Love and get yours on our online store:

It is just me or does it seem that the whole Broken Windows thing is just a fancy way of saying Stop And Frisk? The recent gang-like takedown by police, of an alleged drug dealer in Inwood that was caught on smartphone video, underscores the rank amateurism and selective enforcement of some of NYPD’s finest. My Op-Led looks at the real operating principle of the NYPD in some New York City neighborhoods, which is Pain is Compliance.

A beautifully renovated two-bedroom apartment in Washington Heights was the chosen property for Curbed’s asking price guessing game, PriceSpotter. Curbed provides the deets and pics for an apartment listing and you take your best shot at the asking price.

The genre-bending group, Los Gambinos, have a video for the infectious Mentirosa featuring Merengue legend Henry Hierro. The mighty IOD camp has been in the lab working. This week we featured the latest from Ace IOD featuring Dubwork, Young Gods. In addition, we posted the new video from Dubwork, Pressure. Shout out to Fred Focus and Crump Media Works for the impressive visuals. The next Hit Em Hard Showcase goes down on Thursday, August 28th at Arka Lounge (4488 Broadway) and features lyricist Joell Ortiz with Charlie Cruz, The Machine and Skematics also doing their thing.

Our Time Travel Tuesdays post took us back to an article published in the NY Times on
May 10th, 1990. The piece written by Sam Roberts looks at the space that was the Audubon Ball Room and would eventually become The Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center (3940 Broadway).

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Led Black
The Uptown Collective

The UC’s mission is to become “the” definitive, transformative and community-based force impacting the arts, culture, business and New York City’s overall perception of Upper Manhattan. Its objective is to reset, reboot and positively redefine Uptown’s artistic, political, cultural and business spheres via the online space as well the collective’s initiatives and functions.


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